Complex Family Care

I believe that each person in the family needs to know four basic truths for optimal family health. Those truths are I am safe, I am secure in my identity, I know my role in the family and I have a place in the community. These truths may be harder to reach in a family type that is non-traditional and where the family members do not all feel welcome in the same communities.

Years of research on the non-traditional family plus my own life experiences have gifted me with a unique ability to create customized family therapy plans for families who might be blended, adoptive, multi-racial, multi-cultural, LGBTQIA or families who have suffered loss or trauma. The family’s needs are collective in that each member will have experienced their role in the family differently, therefore they need their own assessment of what best helps them feel safe and loved within the family unit. I work with the entire family and sometimes do sessions individually to create a personalized plan to obtain family emotional health and harmony.

Couples Therapy

I work with traditional married couples, couples in which one partner or both identify as LGBTQIA, and couples who are interracial. I assure each person feels safe, represented and validated in my presence. I use aspects of attachment theory, contextual therapy and emotion focused therapy in my work with couples.

My work with couples ranges from marriage preparation to helping couples with complex trauma reconnect with each other. Sometimes things like repeated arguments about simple things tells of a deeper issue. We can identify core problems in communication and opportunities to better meet the needs of each person, then begin to build a plan for a relationship in which both people feel loved and respected.

Individual Therapy

I work on a variety of issues ranging from self-esteem to personality disorders to trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I work with individuals of all identities and sexualities.

If you have ever been to therapy and felt like you were not understood or validated, I would love to work with you. My top priority as a clinician is meeting my client where they are and adapting my approach to fit their needs. I am well trained in multicultural competency and I value each person as a unique and precious individual regardless of identity or history. You will not only be accepted in my therapy room but celebrated for who you are. You will be able to be yourself without suppressing any part of you and I will follow your lead in our pace and the direction we go. You will receive the absolute best of protection, consideration and validation in my presence.