Advocate. Protector. Therapist.

“Everything makes sense in context.” ~ A Wise Man

The behaviors and actions of humans sometimes seem strange or confusing. But our genetics coupled with our life experiences create our emotional DNA. Our gains and losses, heartaches and happy times, betrayals and advocacies contribute to how we move through life. I have always wondered why people do what they do: Why do they love who they love? Hate who they hate? Get angry at some things and delight in others? Why can 100 people describe the same object 100 different ways? Is truth subjective?

All my life I have found myself in the company of people whose lives were vastly different from mine. I am not sure if this was a conscious effort but early on I was learning about the varying perspectives of others. I paid attention. I had a longing to see the world through lenses besides my own.

This led me to be who I am. I learned to advocate for people who may not know how or be able to advocate for themselves. I learned to lift voices and protect the interests of the vulnerable.

As a therapist I am protective of my clients. I protect their confidence, stories, their interests. I advocate for them and urge them to advocate for themselves outside my door. My top priority in working with any client is that they feel complete safety in my presence to be exactly who they are. Then the work begins.